Chandra Shyam Dangol’s journey in art began from a very tender age. As a child he used to get fascinated by observing sculptures, particularly the traditional ones. Born in an ambience of artistic Newar family in Khokana, Lalitpur his father also used to sculpt. Therefore, he always remained inspired by the Newar sculptural tradition.
Due to his longing for traditional sculpture from early childhood, he pursued art in college and went on to receive his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, specializing in stone sculpture from the Tribhuwan University Nepal. Extremely active, in his twenty five long years of experience as a sculptor, he has created nearly one thousand stone sculptures. Conserving, promoting and elevating the traditional heritage of Nepal are his foremost desire as an artist. He wants to introduce the traditional art of Nepal worldwide through his artworks. For this reason in 2005 A.D. he initiated Khokana Stone Carving in Khokana Lalipur which is a workshop where he practices stone sculptures. There, he not only creates sculptures but also takes student so that he can encourage the younger generation of artists to make them aware on the traditional art of Nepal. He is concerned that not enough measures have been taken to promote the glory and significance of the traditional stone sculptures in Nepal.

Besides being busy creating sculptures and teaching it, he has also participated in various local and global art events; selected are- he has participated in World Shanghai Expo 2010 A.D. where he created various sculptures size ranging from 4 to 12 feet, he travelled Canada to install a four feet Shiva Linga, which is equivalent to the size of the Shiva Linga at Pashupati Temple in Kathmandu. He is responsible for a thirty three feet stone sculpture of Manjushree at Chovar hill in Kathmandu valley and an eighteen feet sculpture of Maitri Buddha in Bara, Hetauda, Nepal. Recently he exhibited his solo exhibition of traditional stone sculptures entitled Inheritance at Nepal Art Council at Baber Mahal Kathmandu in 2018 A.D.

Recognizing his outstanding contribution in traditional art, he has been honoured with prestigious awards multiple times. Some important awards he has received are- National Best Entrepreneur, Small Scale Cottage Industry, Government of Nepal; Achievement Award, Qita Asian Sculpture Exhibition, Japan; Fine Arts Special Award, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts; Best Artist of the Year, Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal. Furthermore, he is honoured as a Distinguish Professor from Suzhou Art and Design Technology Institute, Suzhou, China (2014 A.D. – 2016 A.D.).

Presently he is working in a project to create a hundred feet tall sculpture of Shiva at Mahashil Pokhara.
He is a member of Sirjana College of Fine Arts, Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal, Nepal Heritage Society and Artists’ Society of Nepal.


  1. Preserve, promote and elevate the traditional stone sculptures of Nepal locally and globally
  2. Encourage the younger generations to participate in the glorious ancient arts of Nepal; by creating it but also as an audience by appreciating it.
  3. Document and trace the evolutionary processes of traditional art in Nepal, particularly that of the stone sculptures.
  4. Encourage the general public to not only visit the gallery space while enjoying artworks, but also visit workshops of artists so that the public can know even the procedure of creating a work of art. In this regard, Khokana Stone Carving welcomes all its esteemed visitors to this workshop.
  5. Collaborate with local and foreign organizations in expanding the historical aspects of Nepal through the arts.


Chandra Shyam Dangol

Artist/ proprietor